Aren’t we all risk takers?

‚Äč        PRECIPICE 

 a hazardous situation; broadly 

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers  reason for remaining ashore.

 I’m sure most people won’t recognize this quote,and you’d be surprised to know it’s by someone quite famous, “Vincent Van Gogh”.

 For those of you who did recognize it, honestly either you’re lying to yourself or you actually spend quite a lot of time reading which is pretty great.

While the quote is quite unfamiliar,what it conveys is something I’m sure each and every one of you recognize.

Human beings are arguably drawn to danger. Some may argue that some humans are drawn to nature and that some aren’t.They say it’s a good thing ,we need risk takers and rule setters to ensure there are limits. 

Does this mean that these people who set the rules and regulations aren’t dangerous or risk takers…..?

We can all agree that some people are more drawn towards risks and danger than others.But it’s wrong to say that some of us are just not drawn to danger.

It’s quite clear that those fishermen,or skydivers,or those people who work in the stock market etc are risk takers.

What about the people who sit in a tiny corner of the coffee shop and read  or an artist  or maybe a middle school kid? Are they taking risks?

As a matter of fact, yes.

That person who’s in the coffee shop probably loves reading,she could be a student with a paper due the next day but so addicted to the book that she just can’t stop reading. That’s a risk.                                        

 That artist could have failed to sell his pieces repeatedly and is out of money but suddenly gets this brilliant idea,which he just has to try and spends all his money on supplies to make it. That’s a huge risk,but he still does it.

What about that introverted middle school kid?For him speaking to a friend is hard,imagine asking that cute little popular girl he has a huge crush on to the dance. I’m sure that’s a risk for him.

Taking risks is relative,it’s not just the dopamine in your head which makes you dangerous it’s how much you really want something that makes you take risks.

Every single person in the world faces a precipice, and while a precipice isn’t usually very inviting the fact that once you get to the other side safely, you’re gonna be much happier and confident, is  enthralling.

Those fishermen which Vincent Van Gogh was talking about,may have ignored the storm and faced the dangers,they probably didn’t always do it with a brave face,but they know that at the end of the day the money they get by selling the fish is  what helps them live happily and contentedly‚Äč.

Thus, while not all of us are afraid of a precipice all of us tend to end up in one.

So, aren’t we all risk takers?



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